Download GSA Content Generator (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download GSA Content Generator (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

With Creating GSA content You can easily create unique, readable content in full autopilot. The powerful built-in analyzer will allow you to cut data from any web page. You can even add new search engines to use find fresh content. All updates are free. No extra costs for updates again. Buy once and use it forever.

Never before has it been easier to create huge amounts of unique and readable content so quickly. Define keyword related to niche is basically all you have to do to cut content. Most of the other options are not required.

Features and best moments

Keyword suggestion tool
Enter a seed keyword and quickly generate more Keywords related to your topic from many different sources. You can easily cut new content based on specific keywords.

Content Scraper
Choose from many different sources to cut out your content. Comes with scrapers for articles, images, videos, homepage URLs and add-ons like Twitter tweets.

Define the content sources yourself
Are you sick of using the same resources over and over again? Although GSA Content Generator uses search engines to find new and fresh content, you can also easily define your own sources. Define your source by selecting either a local file, a database, a website or a search engine.

Improve the output
Identify every little aspect of your newly created articles. Select everything from content creation method to link placement location, rotation options, and more. You have everything in your hands to create content the way you want.

Filter options
Don’t want to see specific words or phrases in the article? It would not be easier to filter it.

Image / Video Scraper included
You do not need to worry about displaying content for your articles. Everything is included, directly from the box. You can choose to choose only sources that offer free commercial content, so you do not have to worry about copyright issues.

Preview of images found
Quickly check all your bound data and check if it is valid. The included image viewer makes it easy to sort unwanted content.

Easy article editor
Improve your created articles or write completely your own with the help of previously cut articles. Just enter one key word and get suggestions on what to write. It could not be easier.

Preview your articles
Once the content is deleted and articles are created, you can of course preview the articles with content (images, videos, spoilers, tweets, …) around it.

Manage your articles
Created articles can be checked and translated into other languages. It is often enough to translate an English article into another language and have readable and unique content.

Post articles right away
You do not need to have an external tool to publish articles to automatically hosted sites. The built-in tool lets you submit your articles directly to sites with the click of a button.

Export your articles in any possible format
Although you can publish content directly, you can save it in any possible format for easy import into tools such as GSA Search Engine Ranking.

Spin Editor
Although it is highly recommended that you use rotation services for higher quality output, you can create your own rotation terms database. You can import from many sources such as treasure trove of text files or already rotating articles. Easily create your own spin terms database.

Rotation services
When you decide to use spin services, you can choose from many such as WordAI or SpinRewriter. You can use more than one spin service to improve the quality.

Create content in any language
Adding new languages ​​is easy. Just select your language and the software will try to define everything for you automatically. You do not need to worry about defining word lists in this language. Everything will be dealt with automatically for you.

Mediation scraper
Using mediation is convenient when it comes to search engine analysis. Just let the software look for useful proxies for you. GSA Content Generator can easily find new proxies using the thousands of proxies available.

Note: 5-day trial version. Limited resources in demo version.

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