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Download Free Download for free (2021 latest version)

Apple has redesigned macOS many times all these years. All Apple computers use macOS operating system. This makes it easy to connect iOS mobile devices and macOS computers together and work on the same tasks as any of these devices. It does not take much effort to switch between each device.

Built-in applications

There are many default applications that come with it Apple macOS. These applications are designed to increase efficiency as you work in daily activities. They can help you do things like organize your diary and contacts, perform math functions, write notes, send email, receive email and browse the internet. Since these are all Apple-based applications, you do not need to download third-party applications.

Of course, you can always visit the Mac App Store if you want to download and install more apps on your phone. Apple verifies all the utility applications available in the store, so you can be sure of their authenticity. You do not even need to download and install patches.

ICloud account benefits

It’s quick and easy to switch between devices with the operating system because of what iCloud can offer you. ICloud lets you synchronize your documents by saving them to your iCloud account library. Then all you need is an Apple ID to access these documents on any Apple computer or device. It can also share documents.

Another cool feature of the operating system is called compressed memory. When memory has inactive data, Compressed Memory will automatically reduce the data to speed up the computer.

ICloud has a Keychain utility that can store your most sensitive information and keep it safe. This information includes passwords, credit card numbers, bank credentials, and so on. Everything remains secure in the cloud.

If you ever try to use this sensitive information on another Apple device, the data will be synchronized with it.

Fast and compatible with Macs

macOS has a Notification Center to keep you up to date on any Mac-related updates or other apple Appliances. Interactive notifications allow you to perform administrative tasks instantly.

You can reply to emails instantly, as well as manage email conversations and FaceTime call answers. You can do all this in the Notification Center. It has so many built-in features that give it a variety of functions and benefits. The result is an incredible user experience.

Features and best moments

  • Stream and download more than 50 million songs with Apple Music subscription.
  • Access to iTunes Save to buy songs or albums.
  • Find all the music you have purchased, downloaded or imported from CDs organized in the enhanced library.
  • Buy or rent the latest movie releases.
  • Subscribe to Apple TV channels to watch popular on-demand and ad-free shows, online or offline.
  • Start watching on one device and continue from where you left off on any of your other devices, such as Apple TV, iPhone, iPad and compatible smart TVs.
  • Find podcasts by title, topic, visitor, host, and content.
  • Subscribe to your favorite podcasts to automatically download the latest episodes.
  • Start listening to an episode on your Mac, then continue uninterrupted on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch while on the go.
  • Sync content and backup, update and restore software from Finder when connecting your iPhone or iPad to your Mac.
  • Play 100+ innovative new games with one subscription – no ads or extra purchases.
  • Browse the latest games, personalized suggestions and exclusive editorial content on the brand new Arcade tab in the App Store.
  • Enjoy games on iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.
  • Enjoy a new class of Mac apps created from your favorite iPad titles.
  • Expand your Mac workspace using iPad as your second screen.
  • Place an app on each screen or place your main canvas on your Mac and your tools and palettes on your iPad.
  • Use Apple Pencil for tablet input when using your favorite creative Mac applications.
  • Create a sketch on your iPad or iPhone and paste it into any document on your Mac.
  • Use your iPad or iPhone to sign a PDF or capture a screenshot on your Mac.
  • Completely control your Mac with your voice using Voice Control.
  • Enable Hover Text to display large, high-resolution text in a special window.
  • Zoom in on a screen when using two screens for enhanced sharpness with the zoom screen.
  • Feel safe knowing that the applications you use have been tested by Apple for known malware.
  • Authorize access to data when requested by applications using new data protection.
  • Track your devices and find friends and relatives with a handy new app.
  • Help locate devices even if they are not connected to Wi-Fi or mobile.
  • Use Activation Lock to protect Mac models with the Apple T2 Security Chip.
  • Enjoy an exciting new, dynamic experience that showcases your best photos and memories.
  • View memory movies and edit their duration, availability and title.
  • Browse through an updated homepage that displays sites from your history, bookmarks, reading list, iCloud tabs, and even the links that are sent to you in Messages.
  • Help protect your accounts with strong passwords recommended by Safari.
  • View notes as optical thumbnails in gallery view.
  • Enjoy a more powerful search that recognizes text on scanned objects and objects within images.
  • Share an entire note folder using shared folders.
  • Use new edit buttons to add dates, locations, flags, attachments, and more to reminders.
  • Take control of your inbox by muteing a thread, blocking a sender, or deleting your subscription from a mailing list
  • Get information about how much time you spend using apps and websites and set usage limits.
  • Set up Family Sharing to use Screen Time with your family devices.

Note: To download macOS Beta, you must use an Apple ID associated with the Apple Developer Program.

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