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Download Free Download for free (2021 latest version)

MacJournal is the most popular in the world magazine software for Mac. The app adds a calendar feature that displays entries from any magazine, geolocation, word count and progress tracking, as well as additional blogging support. A Timeline feature has been added to enable the reporter to view their writing activity in chronological order. MacJournal introduces another possibility of creating books from magazines specially designed for publishing. Add any kind of content, not just text. Drag PDF, Fast time movies, pictures, sound and more. Audio recording and videos, and even blog post on Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Posterous and Tumblr. Dropbox support has also been added.

It is a magazine for the 21st century. Instead of paper and pen, it’s your diary on your Mac. Unlike other magazine applications, MacJournal for macOS is full of features, distinguishing it. You can create as many magazines as you want: for work, home, family or friends. You can upload your posts to your blog. Record a message or a child’s first word. It is a place where you can put everything. With the tool, you can document any life event with all the sounds, images – and even video – that come with it.

There is color, sound and images and you can put them all in your magazines with the app. Includes a multimedia browser that lets you select a favorite song from iTunes, a photo from your image library – and even a YouTube video – and add it to an entry. Your magazines will be as rich in view and sound as the event itself.

The tool is full of so many features and enhancements that you can turn it into your own personal playground. Select one of the many icons included to highlight your entries and magazines, or use your own. Add a mood – are you happy or just? Sort your magazines by Subject, Date, Distribution, Content Size and more. If you are the business type, you can use the Statistics menu to view words, characters, and lines in an entry. If you like a disciplined approach to your diary, take time each day to write and use the timer to keep track of yourself. When you want to see how productive a writer is, select Schedule Mode to view your daily chronological writing activity or Calendar Mode to view your entries by month and year. There is also a full screen feature to give you a complete writing landscape for all your thoughts by choosing your own color background and your own color type. Let your writing canvas be as unique as the words that go on.

You can keep your world private or, as many do, share your thoughts and opinions or your whole life. Your posts can be published on any of the popular blogging services like Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal, Tumblr and more. But, if you want to keep your thoughts away from prying eyes – do not worry, Mac Newspaper is equipped with two levels of security – password protection and AES-256 encryption. Extroverted or introverted. Open or private. Just choose the right way for you.

Note: 15 day trial version. After a long and productive relationship with Mariner Software, MacJournal returns to its homeland for distribution here by its original developer.

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