Download Avocode (64-bit) (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Avocode (64-bit) (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Open the PSD & Sketch designs on a Windows computer with 64-bit avocode. Create CSS, Swift & XML straight from layers and export images, colors, fonts, styles, sizes and measurements. Invite your team members and easily manage user rights. Any number of people can inspect the same design at the same time. Give accurate design comments through comments and notification when something changes. Keep design reviews together and organize them into projects. Upload anyone Photoshop and Sketch go to files in a safe place, where you can access, open and download your entire team 24/7.

Features and best moments

Open .psd & .sketch without Photoshop & Sketch
Avocode provides Photoshop and Sketch drawings alone. Therefore, you can open and control any design you upload to Avocode. In any operating system and without designer tools.

Extract CSS, Swift, Android & React Native code from a design
Create concise CSS, less, Sass, less, SCSS, Stylus, Swift, Android, & CSS in JS code including level and font styles, units in px, pt and dp and colors in HEX, UIcolor or HEX8.

Export images up to @ 4x or xxxhdpi resolution
Selects a level, multiple levels or a piece of design and exports it as an image. Add more variations for different resolutions. You can even upgrade and export vector shapes to fit any desktop, iOS or Android.

Selected colors # BADA55
Manually copy colors and convert them … this is yesterday. Just select a color and the color code will be added to your clipboard immediately so you can paste it where you need it.

Export text layers as plain text, images or HTML code
When you select a text layer, you can export it as an image, copy plain text, or copy text with HTML tags. The STYLES panel will show you everything, such as font-family, font, and font size.

Accurate measurements, without eye
Pull any size or distance immediately. Add, move and remove guides that allow you to check the exact alignment. You can also use them to measure a distance from any object to any place.

Define anything as a variable
You can customize the code output by hiding and rearranging its parts. Set and replace any value (colors, font, gradient, size, spacing) in the code as a variable and it will automatically appear in the exported code.

Share designs and invite team members
Let your partner export all the design specifications to the program on their own. You can either invite team members to review the project or share a public link with people who just need to comment.

Sync .psd and .sketch by adding
You can literally stick to Photoshop or Sketch to upload a design or review to the app. Install plugin sync plugin and the design will suddenly appear in your cloud.

Select any area of ​​the design and comment on it
Discuss everything, explain your thinking and leave comments via comments literally above the plan to your colleagues. Highlight any area, add, reply and comment with your team in real time.

Receive notifications in Slack about your team progress
Receive notifications via email or on a dedicated Slack channel when your teammates upload a draft, add a review, or write a comment. You can also track progress on the activity bar in the app.

Manage who sees what
Invite team members, freelancers and contractors and manage their rights to specific projects in your team. Share a preview of the design via a public link to third parties (such as customers) and let them comment.

A place for all your plans
Upload plans to the cloud, synchronization versions, and design settings (scale, platform, units) with your team. Let your team members access, review and download the latest design reviews 24/7.

All revisions to your vision
Redesign as much as you want. The application acts as an update repository for all design versions. You can simply stack revisions on top of each other and then compare them visually.

Zero time for storage but also so safe
The second you upload your design to the cloud, it becomes accessible to your team. Everything you upload to the program is encrypted with an SSL certificate, so your design remains truly yours.

Sort designs and search your projects
The application allows you to work on as many projects as you want. Once you have uploaded any design, sort it accordingly. If you are looking for something just type it in the search bar or press SPACE to preview your design.

Avocode provides PSD / Sketch designs to any operating system
Opening Sketch on Windows or PSD on Linux is just the beginning of what is possible with the application. Every design you open will perform perfectly and will be uploaded in pixels, so you can access it even when you lose an Internet connection.

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Also available: Download Avocode for Mac

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