Download Avira System Speed ​​(Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Avira System Speed ​​(Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Avira system acceleration boldly goes where no user can, safely and thoroughly remove unused programs and files, optimize Windows to restore the fast, error-free performance you deserve – automatically.

It has a system cleaning module that contains a complete set of tools that quickly and safely clean up computer clutter. Recover significant amounts of space wasted with one Junk file cleaner, Registry cleaner, and Smart reconstruction. Activate Privacy Cleaner to delete the data you have downloaded in your daily web browsing. File encryption keeps current files locked out of sight, while the file shredder and disk cleaner ensure that deleted data cannot be recovered. The uninstaller does not allow remnants of removed applications to waste space on your machine or cause errors in the future. Avira system acceleration goes below the surface where no user can reach to optimize your computer system.

System Optimizer, complete with a Process Manager and a Service Manager, restores deceptive computer processes on the road. The Startup Manager speeds up startup time limiting the number of tasks performed when loading Windows. Disk Doctor diagnoses and fixes hard disk errors. Disk Analyzer checks for opportunities improve disk space usage. For preventative care, driver monitoring monitors the software that connects your operating system to your hardware, reducing the risk of hardware failure.

Features and best moments

Give yourself more space, speed and privacy
Avira offers you a visual representation of your results in 3 key features: disk, performance and privacy. One-click scan dramatically increases your speed, cleans your computer and removes traces of your browsing activities. Additional privacy safeguards, such as file encryption and digital file shredder, are also included.

Get started faster
Wait… long enough for your computer to start, your browser to open, your files to load. It helps you do things faster. It analyzes how fast your computer starts, finds ways to make it faster, and shows you how your boot speed evolves over time.

Get a cleaner, simpler computer
Avira system acceleration removes unwanted files, cookies and traces of your browser that unnecessarily clutter your computer and browser. It also cleans your system registry, which helps prevent errors and generally enhances the stability of your computer. In the process, it frees up an average of 75 GB * of space over time.

Extends your computer’s battery life
Battery Booster optimizes the Windows power scheme, disables unnecessary boot applications, performs regular scan routines, and automatically adjusts CPU frequency according to the tasks required.

An all-in-one system optimization tool
System Speedup is the one-click tuning suite that speeds up your speed, cleans your computer deeply—Freeing up storage space on your hard drive and extending your computer’s battery life.

Deep scan
Over time, any computer will accumulate hundreds of thousands of invisible and unnecessary processes. They are the cause of a slow or malfunctioning computer and the first step is to find them. Use an automated analyzer to classify good from bad.

A clean health bill
Once it finds the culprits, System Speedup digs deep into your computer and cleans them all – without deleting important files or destroying vital functions! Includes an encryption tool and a file shredder that ensures that these files will not be read by others.

Better, faster
You do not need more memory. Years of faulty operation can distort your computer and ruin valuable space. Use the included repair features to restore hard disk errors and find storage that you did not know you had.

Note: A repair limit and nag screen.

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