Download Adobe Character Animator (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Download Adobe Character Animator (Latest 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Adobe Character Animator is advanced computer animation application combining technologies from different design fields in a unique format that allows users of all levels of knowledge to learn more easily how to move 2D characters and objects created within the Adobe ecosystem. The basic technology was found in Animator character application is the combination of motion capture tools with a multi-track recording system that can receive multi-level creations from the famous Photoshop or Illustrator applications, turn them into “puppets” with automatic rigging points, and then take control of them, move them, and assign them specific driving behaviors. To allow complete control of the final product, the application provides users with access not only to the processing of puppetry movements and the recording of live movements through motion capture, but also to integrated tools for managing scenes, schedules and much more.

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To create a fully animated character, you must first enter a design. This can be done directly from Photoshop with multi-layer creations, or by introducing a final design. Your character creation does not have to be realistic or even full-featured. Adobe Character Animator can recognize both facial features in drawings and whole body structures and adjust them to be ready for real-time motion capture. This motion capture can be done directly on your PC with a laptop or standalone camera. Just point a camera at your face or body and Adobe Character Animator will be able to locate the most important points of the face / body, monitor them and bring 2D characters to life in real time. The whole process is so simplistic, fast and easy that creators are even encouraged to stream live their work sessions and therefore gather valuable information from public viewers, colleagues or even clients.

Originally introduced in 2015 as part of the preview program, Adobe Character Animator managed to grow tremendously in the following years. It has built-in support for body and face monitoring without scars from the beginning, with new features such as lip synchronization monitoring, optical level labels, automatic walk cycles, particle camera and many add-on compatibility add-ons with others. Adobe suite applications added to free upgrade versions. Full support for basic frames (one of the most required features since the first version of the app) was added in late 2020, giving animators full control of the characters and scenes. The same update added many other useful features, such as traffic lanes, enabled audio, scene cameras, advanced search controls, and more.

With the completion of the video sequence, which can have cartoon characters, background, camera cuts, lip synchronization voices, audio tracks and transitions, the entire project can be easily exported to a wide variety of supported formats. Formats range from a simple sequence of PNG images and WAV files to any supported format in the powerful Adobe Media Encoder. Exported files can be saved to your computer’s local storage or transferred directly via Dynamic Link to other Adobe applications, such as After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Adobe Character Animator is a key part of it Adobe After Effects CC 2015 to 2017, but can also be installed as a standalone application by users who have Creative cloud subscription to all applications.

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