DOSBox for Mac – Free Download (Latest Version 2020)

Download Free DOSBox for Mac – Free Download (Latest Version 2020)

DOSBox for Mac it is one DOS simulator using SDL library to do DOS box very easy transfer to different platforms. It has already been ported to many different platforms, such as Windows, BeOS, Linux, MacOS X …

It also simulates CPU: 286/386 realmode / protected mode, Directory FileSystem / XMS / EMS, Tandy / Hercules / CGA / EGA / VGA / VESA graphic, SoundBlaster / Gravis Ultra Sound card for excellent audio compatibility with older games …

You can “relive” the good old days with its help DOSBox for macOS, can run many of the old classics that do not run on your new computer! DOS Emulator is completely free and OpenSource.

At present, DOS Box for Mac The operation of a state-of-the-art machine will be about the same as that of a Pentium I. It can be configured to run a wide range of DOS games, from classic CGA / Tandy / PCjr to Quake-era games.

Command line parameters

[name] [-exit] [-c command] [-fullscreen] [-userconf]
[-conf congfigfilelocation] [-lang languagefilelocation]
[-machine machine type] [-noconsole] [-startmapper] [-noautoexec]
[-securemode] [-scaler scaler | -forcescaler scaler] [-version]
[-socket socket]

dosbox program -editconf
dosbox program -opencaptures
dosbox -printconf
dosbox -eraseconf
dosbox -erasemapper

If “name” is a directory, it will place it as a C: drive.
If “name” is executable, it will place the “name” directory
as C: drive and run “name”.

It will close when the “name” of the DOS application is finished.

c command
Executes the specified command before executing the “name”. Multiple commands can be specified. However, each command must start with “-c”. A command can be: Internal program, DOS command, or executable on a mounted drive.

The program starts in full screen mode.

Start the program with the specific configuration file for users. It can be used with many -conf parameters, but -userconf will always load before them.

conf configfilelocation
Start the tool with the options specified in “configfilelocation”. There may be many -conf options. See Section 13 for more details.

language languagefelelocation
Start the application using the language specified in “languagefilelocation”. See Section 14 for more details.

noconsole (Windows only)
Start the application without the DOS Box status window appearing. The output will be redirected to stdout.txt and stderr.txt

start folders
Insert the keymapper directly at startup. Useful for people with keyboard problems.

It omits the [autoexec] section of the uploaded configuration file.

Same as -noautoexec, but adds -securemode to the bottom of AUTOEXEC.BAT (which in turn disables any changes to the way the disks are placed inside the program).

scaler scaler
Uses the scaler defined by “scaler”. See the configuration file for the available scalers.

forcecaler scaler
Similar to the -scaler parameter, but tries to force the use of the specified scaler even if it does not fit.

output version and output information. Useful for frontends.

editconf program
calls the program with the configuration file as the first parameter. You can specify this command more than once. In this case, it will move to the second program if the first does not start.

opening program
calls the program with the location of the download folder as the first parameter.

prints the location of the default configuration file.

removes the default configuration file.

reset mapping
removes the mapperfile used by the default clean configuration file.

electrical outlet
passes the host number to the nullmodem emulator.

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Download Last Version: DOSBox for Mac – Free Download (Latest Version 2020)

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