DOP 2: Delete a part 1.0.4

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For quite some time now, mobile design games have been popular, those in which we have to use a virtual pen or pencil locate an item on the screen to solve the puzzle. This is his case DOP 2: Delete a part, the sequel to the popular DOP: Draw One Part, which presents something new in the genre.

Because really in this second part of the DOP, we do not need to draw anything, just turn it off. That is, we will change the pen or marker for a Milan type eraser we used at school remove the original design elements not required to complete the query or target on each screen.

A game where the eraser is the big protagonist

Although it is a puzzle game, it borders on the simple fact that there is not much to think about. In the purest design games, you will need some ingenuity, creativity or skill, here, we just run our finger on the screen in a crazy way find out what is hidden behind the deleted forms.

Solve puzzles by deleting items from the scene.

In any case, the fun of the game uses just your imagination to try guess what will happen or what will appear after deletion, although in many cases, it is very obvious. In any case, it is a different and enjoyable Android game that would be much better without so many ads after reaching certain levels.

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