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Doorman Story is a simple game where you help some friendly characters run in a motel. During the first levels there will be almost no visitors. But as time goes on, more bookings will have to be managed. That is why it is necessary to prepare more rooms if you will really offer every service with a guarantee.

The screen shows each item in 2D. At a glance you can monitor everything that happens in the motel and manage the overall cleanliness, download requests and many aspects that enhance your budget.

To check the many aspects of this motel, all you have to do is tap on the screen according to the instructions. In addition, there will be green arrows that will guide you to meet your basic needs at all times. In the upper left corner you can also see the number of people being hosted.

Doorman Story takes you to this motel in order to take full advantage of all available resources. By improving the facilities and keeping the rooms clean, guests will always be satisfied during their stay.


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