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Download Free Disney Mirrorverse 0.10.5 for Android

Disney Mirrorverse is an RPG where you take the lives of some of the most charismatic heroes in the Disney universe. Once again, they have come together to join forces in the fight against the – sometimes bad – twins born after a horrific accident. Join Belle, Rapunzel, Sully, Captain Jack Sparrow and Merida in the fight against chaos.

Disney Mirrorverse has an easy-to-use combat system. During battles, your characters attack the nearest enemy by default, but you can also tap an enemy to switch targets. Not only that, but you can move your character to avoid the most powerful attacks of your opponent by clicking on an empty area on the map. Regardless, the key to victory is to learn how to skillfully use each hero’s abilities to stun enemies or heal comrades.

Between battles, you can use the experience you have gained to upgrade and upgrade your characters. As you progress through the story, you will also unlock new heroes that will take you on new adventures in other kingdoms in any of the many Disney feature films.

Disney Mirrorverse is a dynamic RPG, with a fun, charismatic character cast and stunning graphics. Take a look at the story mode and visit all the sites to meet some of Disney’s most notorious villains.


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