Disk Recovery Disk 4.2.274 for Mac

Download Free Disk Recovery Disk 4.2.274 for Mac

Disk Drill Windows Data Recovery is an easy-to-use application designed to recover all the important documents that you may have accidentally deleted, but you really need on your hard drive. The program works with music, videos, text documents and any other type of lost file.

The best feature of the application is that it not only works directly with your system hard drive, but can also recover files connected to your Mac, such as USB drives, cameras or camcorders, smartphones and memory cards.

It also does not matter how the files were lost: either by mistake, because a virus deleted all the information, or if the information was corrupted by an unexpected reboot. The program completely scans the information and returns all the missing data that can be retrieved. It is important to keep in mind that the results are not 100% reliable, because the lost files you are looking for may have already been replaced by other files or are simply irreparable.

Fortunately, the program ensures that you will never lose another item. It includes a “recovery chamber” that records all the metadata of the files you delete, which makes it easy for you to recover any files if needed, without having to scan your computer first.


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