Discord – Chat for Gamers 96.4 – Stable for Android

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Discord – Chat for Gamers is the official application that allows you to communicate with other players who play the same games as you, quickly and easily. You can interact with other people through chat and also with voice messages.

You can use Discord directly from your browser, regardless of the device you are using. In fact, this is one of the strengths of the application: you can connect to your user data and continue a conversation that you left on a different device.

You can create your own channels from the Discord interface and invite your friends to join. Apart from that, you can obviously access any public channel, as long as you have the invitation codes, which are not difficult to find, especially for the most popular games, such as Battlefield, Day Z, Minecraft, Modern Warfare or Hearthstone E

Discord is a very useful application for video game lovers. It allows you to connect with other players easily and quickly and manage every aspect of your account without hassle.


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