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Digimon Realize is an RPG with a turn-based combat system where you can lead a team of up to five Digimons at once. Your goal is to defeat many enemies from the Digital World, who will try their best to harm you.

The combat system in Digimon Realize is simple: you just have to choose the ability you want the characters to use. However, as usual in this type of game, you can also automate the battle so that Digimon always uses the best ability for every occasion.

The story mode in Digimon Realize is quite large and is divided into dozens of episodes. In turn, each of these episodes is divided into levels where you have to face many enemies. After defeating these normal enemies, you will go with the boss.

Digimon Realize is a fun RPG with nice graphics and Digimon tones to collect. Fans of the popular anime will surely love this.


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