Diamond Digger Saga 2.103.0 for Android

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Diamond Digger Saga is a simple game developed by King.com, its creator (Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga). In this game, you have to get away from levels full of diamonds to make the water go from the top of the screen down.

The game is slightly different from previous company titles, although it has many similarities. The main goal is to reach the water from the highest point of the grid to the bottom. To do this, you need to collect diamonds on the road.

Like many similar games, the fewer moves you make to complete the level, the more points you will earn. Similarly, the more diamonds you collect before the water reaches the bottom, the higher your score at the end of the level.

In total, there are more than fifty different levels to collect diamonds, although, as usual in King games, more and more levels will continue to be added.

Diamond Digger Saga is a game that, in addition to being visually spectacular (full of cheerful colors and nice effects), offers light fun to anyone who wants to spend time with the Android device.


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