Destiny Child: Defense War 1.2.18 for Android

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Destiny Child: Defense War is a strategy game where you can create a group of familiar characters from the Destiny Child game. You must carefully place all your heroes on the board to attack enemies and win every battle successfully.

In the first pair rounds, you can only use some of the characters to fight each battle. However, gradually you will be able to play with new warriors that will help you become stronger. In fact, as you beat different opponents, you will also be able to upgrade features to increase your team’s capabilities.

The combat system in Destiny Child: Defense War could not be more intuitive. To injure your opponents, you just have to combine identical characters or just drag others near the enemy positions. Although attacks are automatic, you need to guide your team to create effective strategies.

Destiny Child: Defense War brings you an intense battle system that you will use to face players from all over the world. By creating a competitive team, you can try different attack combinations to eliminate your opponents and win each battle.


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