Designer City 1.73 for Android

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Designer City is a SimCity-style strategy city simulation game where you can design your own city from scratch. Your goal is to build roads and houses and provide public services, energy networks, jobs and more.

The gameplay in Designer City is similar to the classics in the genre. You can build your city as you wish, without restrictions and with complete freedom. However, to do this you will need money and for that you need to provide your citizens with jobs.

In Designer City there are over 300 different buildings, ranging from small houses to huge skyscrapers, police stations, shopping malls, parks and various monuments. Each structure offers a specific advantage, so be sure to think about how your buildings will work before construction.

Designer City is a great imitation of SimCity with huge content and open play that can keep you fascinated for hours. In addition, the game settings allow you to customize the graphics to the hardware available on your Android.


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