Demolition Derby 3 1.1.003 for Android

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Demolition Derby 3 is the next installment of the incredible Demolition Derby 2, which includes a bunch of new features and upgrades previously requested by fans of the story. The core of the game remains the same – drive at high speed and destroy your opponents in a fair battle.

This time, you can select one of three different control modes, which you can change using the options menu. Likewise, there are different camera functions (there is a first and a third person) and graphics properties.

In total, you can compete in more than twenty different circuits, which you can unlock as you continue to win contests and earn money. Between these competitions, there are two types of competitions. The first challenges you to reach the finish line first and the derbies challenge you to get rid of all your opponents.

Between races, you can buy new cars, upgrade what you already have in the garage and even give them a new color. To do this, you need money, which you can easily earn by destroying your opponents and winning matches. You also earn money for each day you enter the game.

Demolition Derby 3 is an impressive driving game that includes a good graphics module, a control system that is well adapted to the touch screens and a wide variety of game modes, circuits and vehicles. This is a worthy heir to the Destruction Derby epic.


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