Deliveroo 3.72.0 for Android – Download

Download Free Deliveroo 3.72.0 for Android – Download

If you order often and have to wait hours for your food to be delivered, it may be time to change apps. Deliveroo is a tool that allows you to order delivery with a guarantee that it will arrive in 32 minutes or less. From now on you can eat when you normally eat and stop waiting.

Deliveroo only operates in parts of Spain, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Belgium, Australia, Singapore and the Netherlands. You can enter your address and also modify it by locating your current location right on the map. When you open the menu you can see a list of restaurants that deliver in your zip code and if your home is within range. You can also check the average delivery times (if you check, you will see that none of them last more than half an hour and those that are not well received at Deliveroo). This app only accepts restaurants that can comply with the specified delivery time.

Thanks to this tool, you can be sure that your food will be on the table faster than if it was delivered by another service. Deliveroo allows you to access the menu of each restaurant and choose the number of portions you want from each dish. In a few minutes your order will be ready and it will be time to eat.


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