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Defense Legend 3 Future War is a challenging TD game that puts you in battle, taking the life of the only pilot who can prevent the human race from submitting permanently to the territory of a violent alien.

In Defense Legend 3 Future War, the game is very similar to any other tower defense game. Essentially, the action takes place in two parts: initially, it focuses more on strategic management, where it is up to you to invest the limited monetary resources in which you have committed at the beginning of the first level. This means that you can build units capable of blocking the passage of incessant hordes of enemies. In the second part – it is also the most difficult – you have to redirect the money you earn with each death to improve these units to cause them as much damage as possible. If one of the enemy soldiers manages to exceed the level limits, the game is over and over again to start.

Defense Legend 3 Future War provides a wide range of turret types – each with a distinct offensive effect on enemy troops. This adds a touch of strategy play to the mix, adding a little necessary depth.

One of the most interesting features of Defense Legend 3 Future War, and the main difference between it and similar titles, is that although the turrets and allied units are completely static, you are free to control your hero as well as the most powerful special unit. on the map. Its placement will increase the attacking characteristics of the neighboring allies along with the power to adjust if any situation on the map starts to look like a more dangerous situation.

Defense Legend 3 Future War is fun and challenging. As you play more and more advanced levels, it will become a real challenge – even for experienced veterans of this genre.


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