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Dear Diary is an exciting game where you guide Anna to the most important stage of her life. If you like this kind of adventure, Anna’s story will lead you to many upheavals with important decisions to be made. Dive into this story and help Anna live one or more lives. The choice is yours.

The game begins with a brief introduction to Anna. You will learn about her personality and current circumstances by making decisions to help her along the way. Help Anna decide her future by answering easy and difficult questions.

In this fun adventure, you play as a young girl who experiences her first love. Will you fall in love with the athlete or the nerd? Will she have blonde or brown hair? Will you wear a blue or red dress when you go out? What should you study? Answer all kinds of questions to help Anna in her ups and downs.

One of the best aspects of Dear Diary is that you can start over and make different decisions. You can also go back in time and change a decision if you regret it. This game has many finishes based on your decisions, so try different options as you try to find the best life. Help Anna choose her path and enjoy life along the way in Dear Diary.


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