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Dead Route is a third-person action game that combines elements of a traditional “endless runner” game (according to Temple Run) with other elements commonly seen in action games, such as the ability to shoot your enemies and even launch grenades.

The story of the game is very simple: a zombie apocalypse has started in the city and your hero must leave the area. Along the way you have to face the zombies that are trying to eat you, as well as to avoid the many obstacles that you will encounter on the way.

However, the protagonist of Dead Route is not exactly defenseless. In the beginning, you will have a few pistols and grenades, but as you go through different levels, you can increase your arsenal of weapons by collecting weapons, machine guns or more powerful pistols.

Unlike most “endless runners”, in Dead Route the levels have a beginning and an end. That is, you can reach the end of each level and win. You do not have to play until your character falls.

Dead Route is a fun third-party action game with good graphics. Although its subject matter is a bit ruthless, it has an addictive game system that works perfectly.


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