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Dead Man’s Phone is an exciting adventure where you investigate a murder, sifting information on the victim’s phone, looking for evidence. This way, the game looks like Simulacra, A Normal Lost Phone or I Am Innocent.

Dead Man’s Phone begins with the murder of a young man you must investigate. Your partner is at the crime scene and informs you about everything that is happening in the area over the phone while you have access to his phone remotely. You can combine conversations, check browsing history, navigate the gallery, and more, gathering clues and evidence as you go.

In addition to accessing the victim’s phone, you can also access the operating system at the police station by contacting your crime scene partner and other characters. In fact, talking to as many people as possible to uncover additional information is an important part of your job.

Dead Man’s Phone is a thrilling adventure that throws you first into this fascinating story. Overall, the game is very polished and includes tons of details to immerse you in the story.


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