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Dead by Daylight is the Android adaptation of one of the most iconic multiplayer horror games. Like the PC and desktop versions of the console, four survivors cannot escape a killer who possesses supernatural powers. Your enemy will do everything possible to get rid of you all. As you can imagine, the survivors and the killer are controlled by the player.

The controls in Dead by Daylight are really well-suited to touch screens. The virtual drive stick is on the left side of the screen and the action buttons are on the right. Depending on whether you are in control of a survivor or a killer, there are different controls available. For example, the killer has many supernatural powers that allow him to easily locate the survivors.

Like other Dead by Daylight versions, you will have a choice of different survivors and killers. But not only that, you can also equip your character with a number of different decorative elements that will help you customize the look of your character. The skins of some of the killers definitely stand out because they are inspired by some of the most iconic horror movie characters.

Dead by Daylight is a great adaptation of one of the most popular asymmetric horror games in the world. However, it has strong competition on Android thanks to the amazing V identity, which offers a very similar experience. In any case, the game has incredible graphics.


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