Dcoder 3.3.27 for Android – Download

Download Free Dcoder 3.3.27 for Android – Download

Learning programming takes a lot of hitting on books, but really when it comes to that, the best way to master a new programming language is to practice, practice, practice. Dcoder is a free Android application that gives you exercises to solve by writing code on your smartphone. You can then compile and see if you did it right.

Like an exam or test, each exercise consists of a problem and a set of input parameters. To solve the exercise, you need to keep these elements in mind as you think about how to validate it and produce the desired output. You can solve problems in different languages: C, C ++, C #, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and Objective-C. All exercises are classified by difficulty. When you finish one, you get a score and you can control how you rank compared to other app users, an aspect that entertains the experience and encourages you to learn more.

Dcoder also includes a news feed for the world of application development and the smartphone industry, as well as an “open” program mode for use whenever you want and save your password locally or in a remote folder.


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