DC Universe Online Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

Download Free DC Universe Online Download For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 PC

DC Universe Online is an online game that takes place in the fictional universe of DC comics. This online game is a free action fighting and extensive multiplayer game. He was released on January 11, 2011.


In this game, the player can create a unique and original character who could communicate with villains or heroes of the DC comic. Players can choose their character’s faction, gender, moves, weapon, strength, mode, personality, body types and can also give the character a name. The character created by the player will be thrown into the game world to fight the opposition.


The introduction of the game is based on a war-torn future, which depicts the final war between the world’s most powerful heroes and villains. The war will be in the ruins of the metropolis.

There are two teams in the game:

1. Justice League (Heroes)

2. Society (villains)

In this game, there is a scene where Luthor (a character) who survived the game travels into his past to release some exabytes in the current atmosphere. Luthor does this to create thousands of metahumans from ordinary human beings (they will be the character of this game).

Online game DC Universe has 35 episodes. These episodes are available to members who have an active subscription. And non-members have to pay the amount.

The title of the episodes is below:

Ep-1: Fight For The Light

Ep-2: Lightning Strikes

Ep-3: Battle of Earth.

Ep-4: Last laugh

Ep-5: Hand of Fate

Ep-6: Home Turf

Ep-7: Crisis of origin

Ep-8: Sons Of Trigon

Ep-9: War of The Light part 1

Ep-10: Amazon Fury Part 1

Ep-11: Halls of Power Part 1

Ep-12: Wae Of The Light Part-2

Ep-13: Amazon Fury Part 2

Ep-14: Halls of Power Part 2

Ep-15: Bombshells Paradox & Corrupted Zamaron

Ep-16: Desecrated Cathedral and Oa under siege

Ep-17: Unholy Matrimony and The Flash Museum Burglary.

Ep-18: The Demon’s Pit and the Blackest Day.

Ep-19: The Demon’s Plan and Deep Desires.

Ep-20: Blackest Night and Westland’s wonderland.

Ep-21: Prison Break and the First Piece.

Ep-22: Science Spire and The Phantom Zone.

Episode – 23: The Will of Darkseide and Brainiac’s Bottles Ship.

Episode-24: Harley’s Heist and Darkseid’s War Factory.

Ep-25: Iceberg Lounge and Rip In Time.

Ep-26: Wayne Manor Gala and Kandor Central Tower.

EP-27: Amazon Fury part: 3

Ep-28: Age of Justice

Ep-29: Riddleded with Crime

Ep-30: Earth 3

Ep-31: Flood

Celebration Ep: Death of a Superman.

Ep-32: Teen Titans: The Treaty of Judas.

Ep-33: Justice League Dark

Ep-34: Dark-Nights Metal

Ep-35: Predators.

This shared video game is full of action, drama, mystery, excitement. So you can play this fictional game and get an experience from the fictional universe.

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