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Day R is a classic RPG in which you have to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Your character’s dream is to be reunited with his family, which for some reason is on the other side of Ukraine. You have to travel through a lot of desert to reach them.

Progress on Day R is not easy. Your character has a number of characteristics that you need to maintain with constant vigilance, such as hunger, thirst, radioactivity and sleep. If at any time your thirst level becomes too high, for example, your character will start to die. The same will happen with the other features.

In addition to these characteristics, your character has several skills, such as exploration and battle, which you can gradually improve. In the beginning, you will not even be able to survive an encounter with a rat, but as you go up, you will be able to fight against bigger threats.

Exploring the map in Day R is very similar to exploring the map in Fallout, a game with which Day R has a lot in common. Moving, of course, will quickly deplete your reserves of fatigue, hunger and thirst. And your radioactivity will increase if you get too close to damaged areas.

Day R is an RPG in the traditional style. It is incredibly difficult and sometimes frustrating. Nevertheless, it is an interesting and fun game.

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