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Download Free Darktable 3.4.0 for Mac – Download

Darktable is a photo editing program that offers endless features and details to help you edit your photos with professional results. The tool offers a digital dark room feature that gives you a non-destructive way of editing RAW files, allowing you to retrieve the original with a single click. The program is compatible with more than 400 camera models and its huge number of features will help you edit your images in detail and with excellent quality.

One of the most attractive features you will notice directly from get-go is its input system. Darktable lets you open your images from your computer gallery or directly from the camera memory. Before importing the files, you can view thumbnail previews of the images and choose which ones you want to work with. It also gives you some custom input options, allowing you to import them one by one, create slides and more options.

To work with your negatives, you need to go to the dark room, where you can access endless options to give your image a completely professional touch. All features are divided into different panels. In the left menu, you will find tools related to photo information. From there, you can apply tags to help capture images, along with photo details such as aperture and exposure. On the other hand, you can find all the editing options in the right menu. The great thing about using Darktable is that it provides a history of all the changes that have been made to help you find the exact change you do not like or delete everything you have done to start over, for example.

In short, Darktable offers a ton of useful tools and features that make it a great choice for working with your images. Download the program and discover the endless choices that will surely make your life much easier. Apply all the changes using keyboard shortcuts and work on the 4K or 5K screen thanks to the great compatibility offered by the program. Enjoy this professional tool and work with your negatives in the most convenient way.


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