Dark Riddle 4.4.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Download Free Dark Riddle 4.4.0 – Download for Android APK Free

Are you familiar with Hello Neighbor? I definitely am. This horror indie adventure game was so successful that it crossed all platforms and sold thousands of copies.

Dark puzzle follows the same story, at least in terms of basics. The adventure begins in front of your neighbor’s house. You have to go into his house and discover the secrets he hides in his basement. You will find traps, obstacles, puzzles and many locked doors. However, it also includes an original plot. The graphics are not that good, nor do they work perfectly, but when you add aliens, guns, multidimensional portals, and camcorder systems, what happens? Of course it only improves!

What is your neighbor hiding so carefully? Find.

Basic features

Enjoy an adventure game that is original and different at the same time by downloading this APK:

  • Picturesque first person adventure with interactive environment.
  • Look for items that may be useful during your adventure.
  • There are puzzle sequences and riddles to solve.
  • You will find the strangest characters like a cop or an alien dealer.

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