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If you love yoga, want to lose weight by exercising at home or just want to find a state of peace and relaxation, Daily Yoga is an application that can help you get rid of stress by practicing concentration exercises and enjoying this physical and mental discipline. , wherever you are.

Daily Yoga is a huge community of people who love this discipline, where you can interact with hundreds of thousands of users from around the world to find the perfect position for you, answer questions or help others with your knowledge. This utility stands out especially for its extensive library, which allows you to tackle any new attitude. The videos are of excellent quality and the instructions are perfectly explained so that you can apply them immediately. As they are organized with difficulty, you can ensure that you do the exercises that suit your own abilities and limitations.

With more than 200 stops and 20 atmospheric melodies, as well as all sorts of different activities, Daily Yoga offers exactly what it promises: the opportunity to practice yoga daily without getting tired of always doing the same thing. You can choose from any of its programs to improve your physical condition, relax your mind and stimulate your body.

The duration of the session varies depending on your needs. Choose between 5, 10, 30 or 45 minute workouts and enjoy your practice by watching high definition videos in landscape or full screen view. You can also choose between text or voice instructions.

You can share your ideas with other users in the huge Daily Yoga community and start one-on-one private chats. Stay in touch with your yogi friends and expand your yoga knowledge with the help of experts. Use their tips to improve your back, hips or chest and dive deeper into a world of health and wellness.

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