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Download Free Cyberika 0.9.5-rc194 for Android – Download

Cyberika is an impressive third-person RPG in a futuristic cyberpunk world where companies and neon recordings have conquered it all. At first glance, your goal is simply to survive. But with the help of AI implanted in your head, you can keep going until you are the king of the city.

Like the other Kefir! games, one of the most important aspects of Cyberika is the collection of resources to build and solve various items. Shortly after the start of the game, you will enter your apartment, where you will find a desk, a computer and a kitchen … but to be able to use any of them, you will have to make repairs. Fortunately, you will have at your disposal all kinds of screws, grids, metal plates, cables, pipes and other materials.

The world of Cyberika is absolutely huge. Your adventure begins in a very small neighborhood, but after completing a few missions, you can explore the whole city. There is also a car that you can drive to move between neighborhoods, during which the game controls are similar to an endless racer, where you have the steering wheel on the left and the acceleration and braking buttons on the right.

Cyberika is a great RPG that offers the closest thing to Cyberpunk 2077 on Android. This game contains hundreds of locations and objects, a fun and carefully crafted system and graphics that exceed all expectations. You can even customize the look of your character whenever you want by choosing from dozens of hairstyles, faces and clothes.


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