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It is the year 2077 and World War II has divided North America into many areas where cyber warfare destroys everything in its path. All areas intersect in the city of Detroit, where you try to live as a cyber warrior. Your mission is to bring peace and stability to this cyberpunk city and develop the perfect strategy to defeat the thousands of enemies waiting on every corner.

In Cyber ​​Fighters, you can fight with up to five different heroes. Each one has a unique set of skills and attributes that you can use to your advantage. Cut your enemies with a burning sword, smash them with a thunder hammer or shoot unstoppable energy at them with a huge rule. Have fun improving your character, his weapons and his defense until you reach an unrivaled degree of strength and protection.

The levels get more and more complicated as you progress. This makes it necessary to improve your stock by collecting rewards at each level. Use your winnings to upgrade your character and prepare for each battle as if it were your last. The combat system in Cyber ​​Fighters could not be simpler. All you have to do is slide your finger left to right to move and tap your attacks to use them. Each character has a number of essential moves that you need to know how to use to win the match. Call your warrior and use your special technique to win.

To complete it, you can play the game offline, face other players in PvP combats, customize your hero and discover tons of hidden elements that make the game even more enjoyable. Survive in the city of Detroit, no matter what these cyber wars are throwing at you, and get as far as you can on this exciting adventure.


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