Cubes Empire Champion 7.2.86 for Android

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Cubes Empire Champion is a puzzle game full of colorful levels. This time, your mission is to collect enough cubes to complete each mission and you will only have the puzzle solving skills to help you through the challenging levels. See it and have a great time making all the cubes explode.

If you are a fan of puzzle games, Cubes Empire Champion will keep you entertained for hours. It has the same game as similar puzzles: to eliminate the cubes, create groups of two or more and then click on them. The bigger teams you make, the more points you will earn.

Use your moves carefully to collect all the cubes before you run out. In some levels, you will need to collect cubes of one or more specific colors, while in others you will need to remove small animals from the board or overcome even more difficult challenges. Create incredible combinations, destroy many cubes at once and see how many levels you can beat in this fun game.

Cubes Empire Champion has hundreds of levels, each more difficult than the last. If you are looking for a new fun and addictive adventure, try Cubes Empire Champion. It will keep you entertained for hours with levels that will test your ability to solve puzzles. How many will you be able to beat?


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