Cross-stitch 2.4.2 for Android

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In the fun Cross Stitch game, you can patiently sew each square into multiple designs to create colorful embroidered images!

Cross Stitch has simple gameplay. The various puzzles are organized into categories that you can navigate, such as painting, flowers, landscapes, pets, celebrations and food. Or, you can also choose a puzzle with the number of stitches needed.

Once you find a great image to sew, use the app’s zoom function to enlarge the image and see the individual stitches, each labeled with a letter. Carefully add the right color of stitches to slowly reveal the colorful images, but be careful not to touch the wrong spot, otherwise you will lose points!

If you have ever wanted to try cunning works like cross stitch, try the Cross Stitch app and test your patience by revealing every image, stitch by stitch!


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