Crisp Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Download Free Crisp Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Clear for desktop is an all-in-one solution for customer communication. It has beautiful applications for all your devices. Reply to customers from your computer or on the go from your mobile. MagicType lets you view messages as they are typed. See what’s in your visitors’ minds before they reach the mission. Write your message faster and increase the conversion rate. Each team has its own workflow. The tool is integrated into the software you already use with your teammates. You can choose to join the integration to answer customer questions from there or use the apps. They are all synchronized. Chat with site visitors, integrate your favorite tools and provide a great customer experience. 30,000 chips are already in use Clear for computer to improve their customer experience!

Statistics show that visitors to the site “closed” using live chat tend to buy more than others. Using Triggers, you can send automated messages to these potential customers. 60% of scheduled calls never happen. The software solves this issue by including video calls, which allow you to make direct contact with customers. No external addition required. Business messages it does not have to be robotic. With the program, you can use audio, video messages, GIFs, files and selection tools, you can create a personalized experience for your customers.

Use Clear for Windows to consolidate the workflow of your customers’ experience and benefit from it Crisp Experience: Canned Answers, Group Inbox, MagicBrowse and Video Calls. Use your existing Slack app to respond to your customers directly from there. For example, customer support agents can use your application and developers, the Slack App. Everything is integrated. Use your existing mail application and reply to your customers directly from there. You can use this channel if you do not have many support requests. Already using Zendesk? You can link the tool to your Zendesk so your agents can answer Crisp questions using Zendesk. It is completely transparent to both your Agents and your Clients.

Features and best moments

Build better relationships with modern messaging
From Group Inbox, your group can answer all incoming questions. Users can contact you via live chat, email, messenger, Twitter and SMS. Bots. References. Notes. Video and audio chat. Canned answers. File sharing. Emoji. Do it all with this great app.

Real-time overview of your business
Use MagicMap to get the exact number of active users. Are you running a press release? Are you starting a blog? New email campaign? Attract your users and talk to them, watch the performance, all from one place.

Watch your visitor screen
MagicBrowse is the fairest unfair advantage a business can have! By providing a screen view of your visitor, you will be able to book more offers and settle more support tickets. With Live Assist, your user can temporarily delegate control to your agents so that they can solve problems right away. In addition, developers will love the Live Debug feature to fix bugs on the go!

Your customer intelligence platform
The user system lets you manage, edit and export all users and potential customer information. From chats, social networks, company information, phone numbers, everything is in one place. The user system allows you to have contextual information when talking to your customers and allows you to redefine them using Drip campaigns.

Redefine your customers
Campaigns and drip campaigns allow your customers to get on board, be loyal and redefine. You can send personal emails to user sections and follow the open price. The campaign system is compatible with most computer integration tools. You can send campaigns via email, chat, SMS, and even reply using Bot!

Note: 14-day trial for the Pro version. Limited functionality in the demo version.

Also available: Download Crisp for Mac

Download Last Version: Crisp Download (Last 2021) for Windows 10, 8, 7

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