Creative Destruction 2.0.4881 – Download for Android free

Download Free Creative Destruction 2.0.4881 – Download for Android free

Thanks to PUBG and especially Fortnite, the battle subgenre royale has become a mass phenomenon. Games based on the same idea have started everywhere: we reach a parachute on an island that we can not leave until we kill all our opponents who also want to be the only players who survive.

A huge scenario that needs to be destroyed and rebuilt

In Creative disaster, we will move in a huge scenario of 16 square kilometers with 13 different settings that we can explore as much as we want, but keeping in mind that we will have to fight against the time that steals and dozens of enemies who want to kill us.

We can use a wide range of weapons, a huge variety of characters and one element that makes this game different from the majority of the same kind: the ability to create as we go structures and constructions that can help us reach other areas of the map which are initially inaccessible.

Total freedom of movement and destruction.

So if you thought you had already seen everything in the sniper world, you might want to download its APK Creative disaster have fun both in terms of FPS and in terms of TPS.

What’s new in the latest version

  • The developers have not specified updates for this version.

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