Crazy Defense Heroes 3.5.2 for Android

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Crazy Defense Heroes is a strategy game with over 500 levels and you have to defend your fantasy world in each one! This tower defense follows in the footsteps of games like Realm Defense or Castle Creeps, but adds some gameplay from popular games like Clash Royale.

The first pairs work as a tutorial, but once you beat them, you will soon discover that Crazy Defense Heros have a lot to offer. The levels in this game work similarly to most tower defense games: simply place your towers in one of the available spaces to prevent enemies from reaching the end of the road. But there is a reversal: you can only select from a few specific towers at the top of each screen.

Not only that, but this game has more than 90 cards to discover – but fortunately not all of them are towers – there is also equipment, spells and heroes! Each card has its own strengths and weaknesses, so you must use them wisely to defeat all the challenges in almost endless levels of this game.

Destroy all the orcs, zombies, dragons and other creatures hiding in Crazy Defense Heroes. On top of all that, this tower defense game has colorful graphics that make it even more enjoyable.


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