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Crash Fever is a very simple battle and puzzle game, where all you have to do is press colored panels to form a chain and launch attacks on your enemies. The more enemies you destroy, the more experience you gain and the better your heroes become.

Crash Fever has dozens of different characters to recruit. One of the most important keys in the game is to understand how to properly combine your characters, as each of them has different skills that can be particularly effective against a specific type of enemy.

Although Crash Fever tends to be played in single player mode, there is also a game mode that lets you connect with three other friends in a fantastic four player mode. In this game mode, you all have to agree on which blocks to destroy.

Crash Fever is a puzzle, wrestling and role-playing game with a very simple but strangely addictive game. The great graphics, with great anime design, are also worth mentioning.


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