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Cookie Run Kingdom is a continuation of the previous installments of this RPG with fearless cookies. Following the success of titles such as Cookie Wars, Devsisters Corporation Studios brings you new adventures and battles that take place in the sweetest realm of the Android universe.

In Cookie Run Kingdom you have to unlock different cookies to create a well-balanced group with many features. However, sailing will not be smooth for your warriors. Their paths will be blocked in many cases by enemies who are waiting. In all rounds you will enter into fun battles where you have to click on different warriors to launch effective attacks and combinations. However, keep in mind that each character card can only be used after waiting a few seconds for recovery.

However, Cookie Run Kingdom is not just a battle. You must also go to Cookie Kingdom to build houses and other types of buildings. This way, your citizens will have a nice place to live in harmony and you will be able to level your heroes. As you improve the conditions of the characters that already make up your team.

Cookie Run Kingdom offers a fun game and an extensive series of stories that allow you to take a closer look at the middle and ends of this story. As you fight against the most dangerous opponents and manage the resources of Cookie Kingdom, during the game you will try to conquer a large part of the territory to defeat the evil.


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