Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe 3.3.7 for Android

Download Free Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe 3.3.7 for Android

Contacter Phone Dialer: drupe is an application that allows you to call and send messages to anyone in your contact list as quickly and conveniently as possible. It even lets you send voice messages, record phone conversations, and create reminders for specific contacts.

Once you install Contacter Phone Dialer: drupe, you will see four translucent dots that are always visible in the upper corner of your screen. All you have to do is drag the dots to the right to open the application. Once opened, you just need to drag one of your contacts to the left to a specific action you see on the right. With this simple move, you can make phone calls, send WhatsApp messages, send Facebook messages and much more.

In the installation options, you can customize your experience down to the smallest detail. You can change the location and size of the dots to allow you to open the app, choose from multiple themes, change the language, turn vibration on or off, and more.

Contacts Phone Dialer: drupe is an extremely useful application that makes phone calls and texting a piece of cake. And to complete it, the app even comes with a built-in caller ID and caller ID. What more could you ask for?


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