Comic Life 3.5.18 for Mac

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It is now possible to animate images taken during a trip in an original way without having to resort to video.

With Comic Life it is possible to create a comic from a series of photos and it does not necessarily have to be from a trip.

Comic Life is not a layout program, so you do not need to design the pages if you do not want to. Just select a template and add the images to create the story.

The second step is to place speech balloons to build the dialogue between the characters and the feel of the page. There are twelve different types of speech balloons. The text they contain can be assigned to more than one character at a time.

Comic Life also lets you customize your cartoon style. Properties such as size, orientation, frame, or shading can be modified from the program toolbar.

The last step is to print it with a printer connected to the computer or save it as a PDF document.


For Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later


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