ColorNote Notepad 4.2.5 for Android

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ColorNote Notepad is one of the many virtual note-taking apps on Android. With this, you can fill your smartphone with colorful “post-its” to make sure you do not forget anything important.

The application, despite its simple operation and small size (less than 1 MB), is accompanied by a significant number of features that help it stand out in its category.

Allows you to take notes in different colors, so you can distinguish between notes at a glance. Similarly, you can password protect any note you choose to keep private.

Another interesting option is that you can sync your notes between devices, for example having the same files on both your smartphone and tablet. It is easy to do with the help of the “widget” of the application.

Finally, ColorNote Notepad lets you associate audio and visual alerts with your notes to request an alert for a specific time or day.

ColorNote Notepad is a note-taking application that is as simple as it is complete, as easy to use as it is lightweight, while at the same time offering the user any tool he may want.


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