ColorConsole 6.22 for Windows – Download

Download Free ColorConsole 6.22 for Windows – Download

ColorConsole is an application designed to make it much easier to use your operating system command line. If you frequently use the command line but do not have basic functions such as copy, crop, find and replace, this complete application can fill these holes. You can also use it to modify the font color to highlight important lines.

When you open ColorConsole, you will see the command prompt as if you were opening it directly on your computer. Once there, you can use the command line as you normally would, except for one key difference: at the top of the screen, there is a toolbar with various actions selected to make your life easier.

From the top menu, you can select one color for the text and another for the background. bold, italicize or delete words. remove specific parts. and make any other font-based modifications you wish. One of the advantages of this application is that all the modifications are in your hands. You can even enter a single letter with a different color and background without having to type full words.

ColorConsole also lets you export command line in HTML and RTF. You can even work with multiple tabs or run the command line on two or more consoles at the same time. Basically, this application has everything you need to make the Windows command line your best friend.


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