Clubhouse 1.0.4 for Android – Download

Download Free Clubhouse 1.0.4 for Android – Download

Clubhouse is a social network that invites you to join thousands of voice chat rooms where you can meet new people or just take part in conversations. Unlike other social networking applications, it does not have the option to send text. The whole idea is to communicate using voice.

When you download and open Clubhouse for Android, you will find all kinds of chats to join. You will also find many options that suit the level of privacy you are looking for. This will allow you to participate in public groups, in other private ones where you are only allowed to enter contacts that you follow or in closed spaces where you can invite participants yourself.

Once a room is opened, people can join without interfering with the conversation that takes place. At the bottom of the screen, you will find the button to exit the group. You will also find the option to raise your hand to politely request a turn to speak and the option to turn off your microphone.

From the Clubhouse main menu, you will find topics of interest and open groups in which you can participate. In fact, there are already several companies that exploit this social network for content transmission. In addition, you will also have a search bar to search for rooms related to your interests.

Clubhouse is a unique type of social network that stands out from the others in its kind. With this app, instead of images or text, you will communicate with others using only your voice. When you create your user profile, you will be able to follow different contacts to make sure you do not miss out on rooms that may be of interest to you.


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