ClipClip 2.3.4981 for Windows – Download

Download Free ClipClip 2.3.4981 for Windows – Download

If you are looking for a good tool for copying and pasting with less hassle, plus the advantage of additional features, ClipClip is the best application on the market. This clipboard manager will change your life, providing everything you need to save time when copying and pasting.

ClipClip is primarily designed to simplify copying and pasting by creating a historical clipboard. This way, you can access multiple texts whenever you want. Gone are the days when we reopened websites or documents to search for what you copied. just click on your clipboard history to find what you need.

Another great feature of ClipClip is that you can create various shortcuts. This can help you paste more than one thing, paste in the right format, copy only the title, or even copy and paste images. You can also check how long ago you copied the text, assign a name to each, frequently used favorites, delete or hide them all in seconds.

Finally, this tool allows you to create folders to organize your history. This way, everything you need for copying and pasting is at your disposal, helping you to work faster with a lot of paperwork and tasks without losing your way. Enjoy the convenience of ClipClip, without ever wasting your time on something as basic as clipboard management.


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