Cleanmgr + 1.37.1170 for Windows – Download

Download Free Cleanmgr + 1.37.1170 for Windows – Download

Cleanmgr + is a useful program that can delete almost any file stored on your desktop computer. This program is designed to make it easy to scan and find files. If you do not know what to delete or can not find all the files you want to delete, try this program and find and delete them in seconds.

Cleanmgr + separates important system files from subfolders, and unnecessary files only take up space on your computer, which are displayed in a data tree. This means that you can view the file cache, cache files, recent documents, file errors, and other unnecessary files from the main screen of the program.

How much space you can save by deleting all these files is displayed at the top of the screen, although you can also manually select or deselect files to be deleted. Additionally, with Cleanmgr + you can manually search for and delete files or even entire folders. This great feature allows you to decide what to keep and delete on your computer.

Finally, Cleanmgr + has several search options that you can use to customize your search and determine when a file is added to the list of items to be deleted. Download Cleanmgr +, delete hundreds of unnecessary files and free up gigabytes of space in seconds.


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