Cleaner 2.1.5 for Android – Download

Download Free Cleaner 2.1.5 for Android – Download

Cleaner is an application that allows you to enjoy a completely renewed new smartphone from the comfort of your good old Android. By simply clearing your old cache and freeing your phone of junk and unwanted files, as well as any unnecessary installation packages, you will soon notice a huge improvement in the speed and overall performance of your Android. Getting rid of foreign files also improves the security of your phone by deleting any potential threats.

Thanks to the Cleaner intuitive design, it is easy to automate tons of neat tasks that would usually be a hassle to do manually. All you have to do is choose which tool you need and wait a few seconds for it to work. Of course, as you clean up old files, the previously corrupted smartphone memory becomes much faster, which in turn makes the Cleaner work faster and better, exponentially improving the protection it provides.

Likewise, Cleaner also improves your phone’s battery life (reducing the number of applications running in the background), helps manage CPU temperature, frees up RAM and blocks Facebook, SMS, any contact you want or almost any other tool you need – all in an effort to provide users with enhanced privacy and security. Best of all; This whole process requires a little more than a few taps on your screen and you are ready.

Cleaner is one of those tools that is so easy to use and so practical that it cleans most of the potential threats you may be concerned about when it comes to your smartphone security. In addition, it completely optimizes your Android while clearing up any unnecessary files, even those you never knew you had.


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