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Clean Road is a driving game where you control an avalanche (or any other plow) in order to dig up all the cars that are stuck in their garage after a heavy snowfall.

In Clean Road you have three clear missions: liberate, destroy and win. The first, for free, consists of using your avalanche to clear a path for cars snowing in their homes. To do this, simply pass your plow in front of them and whatever is in their way will be removed. The second mission, to destroy, refers to the fact that, despite your job of releasing cars, you must also plow as many urban lighting fixtures as you can handle: mailboxes, snowmen, anything man-made must be destroyed. Finally: to win. This refers to how, every day, there is a set amount of money you need to raise. For every car you have for free, you get a small amount of money. The idea is to accomplish your mission and receive your reward. To achieve these three goals, all you need is two fingers: one on the right side of the screen to touch and make your car turn right and the other to the left to turn left.

However, not everything is so simple on Clean Road. In addition to the snow or hay blocking the entrances to the house, there are huge vegetables or ice cubes falling from the sky and your goal is to go through the areas that indicate where they will fall. In addition, the cars you release end up forming a caravan in front of you, and if for some reason you end up stopped or blocked, the cars start crashing behind you (which, obviously, you should try to avoid)

Clean Road is a fun and highly addictive driving game with amazing graphics.


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