Citymobil (Ситимобил) 4.60.0 for Android

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With Citymobil, you can call a car to take you from place to place with zero hassle. If your city does not have adequate public transportation, this app is a great alternative to get to your destination on time.

Like platforms like Uber and Cabify, with Citymobil (Ситимобил), you can see your location on a map as well as nearby cars. You can also see the price of a trip before confirming it.

Another interesting feature is the trip function, which allows you to tell the driver which route to take. You can also view driver information before being picked up.

Citymobil (Ситимобил) is a great way to get around the city at a competitive price without making unnecessary detours. You can even check the route and select the driver to ensure a safe trip.


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