Chrome Dev 91.0.4442.2 for Android

Download Free Chrome Dev 91.0.4442.2 for Android

Chrome Dev is a standalone application from Google Chrome that lets you access the latest version of this powerful browser before other users. It is important to note that the applications are independent of each other, so you can install them both without any problems.

With this last point in mind, Chrome Dev is basically the same Chrome that most users have installed on their Android devices by default, with some new developments. So, of course, it’s a great browser that focuses on a simple, sleek design, although it does not always provide all the features you should.

The most interesting thing about Chrome Dev is the ability to sync it with the Chrome version of your computer. With this feature, you can open the same tabs on your PC and Android and share your bookmarks and history.

Chrome Dev is a great browser for Android and ideal if you always, always want to be completely up to date.

Chrome 55 on Android reduces RAM usage by 50%

A major problem that has plagued Google Chrome since the beginning of Android is how much it uses this browser in terms of system resources. Although they have greatly improved lately, as shown in our recent benchmarks, there is still a long way to go. Fortunately, it seems that version 55 (currently available for devices) is going to be a huge improvement in performance, especially on devices with low RAM.

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