Chris-PC RAM Booster 5.22.08 for Windows

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Over time, the performance of your system deteriorates. Fortunately, there are various programs designed to prevent this, such as the Chris-PC RAM Booster, which monitors and optimizes RAM usage.

Chris-PC RAM Booster is a really simple application. Once opened, a graph shows the RAM used by various applications and services and how much free memory you have. This way, you can monitor your physical memory usage and avoid depletion, because once you start using Windows virtual memory, your system performance drops dramatically.

This application can free up RAM when you use programs that consume a lot of memory, thus avoiding sudden reductions in performance. If you usually use your computer to play video games or if you use several heavy applications at the same time, this program can help you to work more smoothly.

You can adjust a memory limit in the program settings. When it arrives, the program will run automatically to free up some RAM space.

The Chris-PC RAM Booster can also be adapted to laptops: it can turn off the app’s features when consuming battery power and turn them on again when connected to a power source.


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